We will answer frequently asked questions

How long is the show?

The show is approximately 70 minutes long with no breaks.

When does the theater open?

You may enter the theater one hour before your scheduled showtime.

Can I buy tickets on the day of the show?

You may buy same day tickets at the WW Hall ticket counter from 10 AM.

Can I watch the show if I’m in a wheelchair?

Please call the Ticket Yoshimoto Reservation Hotline at 0570(550)100 (Open everyday. 10AM-6PM) before buying tickets.

In regards to purchasing tickets sold in advance

We will be selling both same-day and advance tickets at the ticket booth.

Can children watch the show?

There is no age restriction for this show.

What if my tickets are lost or stolen?

We cannot reissue tickets that have already been issued to customers for any reason. Please refer to your Playguide for more information.
In the case that you can present theater staff with proof of ticket purchase and a valid ID, you may be allowed to view the show but only if your seat remains unoccupied until five minutes before the show begins.
Even in the case of ticket theft, we cannot allow you to sit in your original assigned seat if there is someone else occupying it.

Can I still enter the theater after the show has started?

You can still enter the theater if you are late for a showing. However, there are times where you may not be permitted to enter due to staging for the show.
In that situation, please wait in the lobby until we can allow you to safely reach your seat.
If you are late, please be sure to not trouble other patrons.
If we cannot safely guide you to your assigned seat, you may be asked to sit in another seat at the discretion of show staff. Thank you for your cooperation.

Where can I smoke?

Smoking is prohibited within the theater and the entirety of Osaka Castle Park.

Are food and drink allowed in the theater?

Eating and drinking is allowed within the lobby and seating area of the theater.

What rules must I follow in the theater?

Please set all electronic devices to silent or manner mode while in the theater.
Photography is allowed during the show. Flash photography, however, is prohibited.
The recording of video of the production is prohibited.
We ask that you are considerate of your seat neighbors during the show.

Where can I buy original KEREN goods?

Official goods will be sold at the conclusion of every performance.
These exclusive goods are only sold at the theater. Only cash transactions are accepted.
Customers without tickets may also purchase goods from staff during the show.

Where can I send flowers?

We ask that you send flowers directly to COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA WW HALL.
We will begin accepting deliveries on March 1st (Friday).
*Please ensure that the flowers arrive between 12 to 5.

3-6 Osaka-jo Chuo-ku, Osaka-fu

We will display flowers for one week before taking them out of the rotation.

Can I give presents to the cast?

You may leave presents for the cast in the PRESENT BOX in the theater lobby.
For the safety of the cast and crew, we unfortunately cannot accept food or drink presents.