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We introduce cast to appear in KEREN

Main Cast

Mana Ito Born in Tokyo. Debuted in the TV drama Boys Over Flowers. She release her 1st Alubum with sister idol group of AKB48 throughout Japan, Korea, and nine other Asian Countries. She performed as Anne in Anne of Green Gables and has appeared in numerous TV, film and other theatre productions around the world.
Akira MurotaNIKKI
Akira Murota Born in 1974 in Tokyo. Got involved with bands and stage performance in high school. Starting with Shinjuku Showa Last Night in 2013, Murota has gone on to perform on numerous stages, and written songs for theatrical shows and films with the Piraniha Orchestra. He presently plays live with various bands.
Cheri TabushiYUKI
Cheri Tabushi Born in San Francisco, Cheri was the lead and original cast member of Cirque du Soleil's KA for 12 years, performing 4 ,712 shows. Her film credits include Cirque du Soleil : Worlds Away. She was the highest ranking Wushu female champion in the US, having won more than 100 gold med - als in competition.
Hiroaki KanehisaBACCA
Hiroaki Kanehisa Born 1978 in Hiroshima. After joining the Shiki Theatre Company, Kanehisa began studying with a master of the Okura-style of Noh-kyogen theater. Upon mastering the art, Kanehisa became an instructor. He is widely active not just in Noh-kyogen theater, but in theatrical plays and edu - cation as well. He received an honorary diploma at the 12th Annual International Classical and Traditional Theatrical Festival.
Chase MaxwellCHASEDance Captain
Chase Maxwell Born in 1994 in Los Angeles, Chase Maxwell has appeared in various televi - sion shows, music videos and stage shows as a dancer and choreographer, including with The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. Recently Chase ranked in the top 30 performers. He also works as an assistant choreographer to Baayork Lee and Debbie Allen.



Lily OkuboDance Captain Assistant
Lily Okubo Born in 1992 in Tokyo. Journeyed to the US alone at the age of 15 to join Elite Dance Studio, where she participated in numerous competitions. Back in Japan, Okubo played lacrosse at Gakushuin University, working to be the best team in Japan. After working as a medical repre - sentative, Okubo is now using her English skills as a dancer in music videos, over - seas beer commercials, and more.
Minori Imanaka
Minori Imanaka Born in Osaka. Imanaka has acted and danced for Yoshimoto Shinkigeki (directed by Taichiro Sato), Sotobakomachi Dramatic Company, Iichigekiya, and more. In addition, she has appeared in the film Tap: The Last Show and in the television program Sekai Ichi no Show Time with the group SUPER LiBLAZE, which is led by celebrity dancer HIDEBOH.
Haruka Uozumi
Haruka Uozumi Born in Osaka. Previously danced at major theme parks in the Kanto region. Past work includes dancing in Legend TOKYO, Shojin Number ’s Room-X Monst Lab Tours and choreography for the Takarazuka Revue ’s Kohakuiruo no Ame ni Nurete, along with various pop idol performances.
Kanae Usami
Kanae Usami Born in 1994 in Kyoto. Began dancing at the age of four. Became a member of the KAORIalive dance team as a sophomore in high school, competing at Legend TOKYO, WOD, and the VIBE XXI DANCE COMPETITION. Usami is presently work - ing hard to tackle new challenges as a dancer.
Kaede Kawamura
Kaede Kawamura Born in 2000 in Osaka. Performed the opening dance performance at the Kansai Collection event, and appeared in the stage production of Mother, produced by celebrity dancer EMI[OUTSET]. Kawamura also performed as a backup dancer for entertainer Yuriyan Retriever ’s solo show.
Hazuki Saito
Hazuki Saito Born in 1998. Attended New York City ’s top dance exhibition, APAP, in 2015. Appeared as a back-up dancer in numerous live performances and events, including the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen television special. Saito will also appear as a back-up dancer in the Nobuhiko Obayashi's film Seaside Cinema, which is scheduled to be released in 2019 .
Hinano Shichiri
Hinano Shichiri Born in 1999 in Osaka. Began jazz and hip-hop dance at age six, followed by acrobatics at age eight. Won first prize in the basic category at the 2012 All Japan Xtreme Martial Arts Open Competition. Active as a back-up dancer and stage dancer for various artists.
Soyoka Shimada
Soyoka Shimada Appearances include Saburo Kitajima Geido 50th Anniversary, Legend Tokyo, Cai Xioqiang Number and work with the Sotobakomachi Dramatic Company. In 2014, she studied dance abroad in New York City. Shimada is active as a dancer, choreographer, and actor on stage, televi - sion, and at events.
Mariya Sumi
Mariya Sumi Born 1993 in Osaka. Started classic ballet at the age of 4, and studied abroad at a Boston ballet school in 2006. Transferred to Dongguk University’s Department of Performing Arts in 2014, and appeared in numerous musicals, theatrical productions,and ballets, including the 2016 musical Rent.
Nonno Nakahara
Nonno Nakahara Born in 1997 in Hyogo. Graduated from the Osaka Dance & Actors School. Major stage performances include Anne of Green Gables (produced by Tours Musical), a musical rendition of The Fall of Freddie the Leaf, and the Geo’s Company Musical Coco Smile .
Maho Nakamura
Maho Nakamura Born in Osaka. Majored in performing arts at Kinki University. Worked as an entertainer at Universal Studios Japan. Present working mainly on the stage. Major appearances on stage include Manatsu no Daiundokai and Saburo Kitajima’s Special Performance.
Chiaki Nagumo
Chiaki Nagumo Born in 1997 in Kyoto. Three-year consecutive champion with the Tonan Marching Band (The Gyphons) Color Guard Team.Stage performance work includes Kamen Tekkodan’s Another earth, along with back-up dance work for SPYAIR,ONE☆DRAFT, Kanjani Eight, and more.
Maiko Baba
Maiko Baba Born in 1991 in Osaka. After studying performing arts at Takarazukakita High School, Baba went to the US to audition for Jacob’s Pillow, and then studied abroad in New York City. Returning back to Japan, she appears in musicals, stage performances, commercials, and theme park shows.
Yuki Maeda
Yuki Maeda Born in Hyogo. Came to Tokyo with a musical theater company, and subsequently appeared in revue shows at the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki. Studied abroad in New York City for one year in 2016 after acquiring a scholarship at the Broadway Dance Center to study musical theater.
Miyu Born in Saitama. Graduated fromGakushuin University. Recent work includes working with the dance company Higuchi (tap dance), appearances in the film Tap: The Last Show, the television programs Dance 1 Grand Prix on TV Asahi,24 Hour Television: Love Saves the Earth, on Nippon TV.
Sayaka Yumura
Sayaka Yumura Born in 1994 in Chiba. Graduated from the dance department of Shobi College of Music, going on to work as a dancer in numerous music videos for the likes of E-girls, Namie Amuro, and in various commercials including an appearance in a Hep Five VR Zone commercial.
Moeka Kanbayashi
Moeka Kanbayashi Born in 1998 in Osaka. Appears in dance shows, operas, musicals, commercials, television dramas, and stage plays. Also active as a back-up dancer for musical artists.
Manami Koaki
Manami Koaki Born in Hyogo. Part of the professional tap-dancing company [beis]crew. Appeared in the film Tap: The Last Show.Active in the Kansai region, choreographing and performing in events, school performances, and web commercials.
Sari Shogase
Sari Shogase Born in 1992 in Osaka. Shogase has appeared in various events, including Ai no Method at Valentine (Takashimaya x Glass Mask x Akaru Studio), Yugendan to Mugenjo on the Re:Act Stage (Tamio x Okuma Ryutaro), and Nishi no Yu no Kikko (Ishihara Shoichi Show).
Mai Nagayama
Mai Nagayama Born in Wakayama. In addition to working as a dance instructor, Nagayama has also appeared as a dancer in the films Oh!My! God!, REVO side B MIRAI no KIOKU, kabuki theater performances, and magic illusion shows. Active as a model and actor in commercials.
Ayako Hamana
Ayako Hamana Born in Osaka. Studied classical ballet under Masako Ishido at the age of 13. Went on to study contemporary dance and Japanese traditional dance at Kyoto University of Art and Design. Appears in television shows, films, and commercials, including Hanagata Kabuki theater, the Ogawa drama Segodon, the television series Beppinsan.
Maki Born in 1995 in Hokkaido. Attended a local dance school at the age of three, and first appeared on stage in the first grade. Graduated from Osaka University of Arts. Major stage performances include Anne of Green Gables (produced by Tours Musical), along with Minami Kawachi Banzai Ichiza’s staging of Shugoshin d Himitsu Tantei, among many others.
Honoka Miyama
Honoka Miyama Born in Hyogo. Graduated from Osaka Dance & Actors School. Performed at the 2018 Kobe Festival, in addition to various stage shows and commercials.
Arisa Yamamoto
Arisa Yamamoto Born in Osaka. Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Junior College. Works with a female illusion magic group, performing at events and dinner shows. In recent years, Yamamoto is also working as a model, MC, and dancer at theme parks.


Junya Ota
Junya Ota Born in 1988 in Wakayama. Head of the professional tap-dancing company [beis]crew. In addition to appearing in the film Tap: The Last Show, Ota has choreographed and performed in numerous web commercials, events, and school performances across the nation.
Shinji Kanazawa
Shinji Kanazawa Born in 1996 in Hyogo. Winner of the 7thAsian Junior Martial Arts Championships. In addition to working on stage and at events, Kanazawa has performed in music videos for BABYMETAL and Hotei featuring Iggy Pop.
Ryosuke Kitanaka
Ryosuke Kitanaka Born in 1994 in Osaka. Kitanaka has appeared in commercials, musicals, and stage performances, including Swan Lake(Noma Ballet Company), Scheherazade(International Ballet Academia ), and Avent by Amon Miyamoto.
Kazuki Shoji
Kazuki Shoji Born in 1986 in Tokyo. Active on stage and at theme parks, employing specialized acrobatic skills, theatrical performance,action moves, combat styles, tap dance, and more. Major works include the Broadway musicals Peter Pan, La Cage aux Folles, and Touken Ranbu.
Sato Shiwa
Sato Shiwa Born in 1996 in Kochi. Special award winner at the 2018 Dance no Kizuna and Alligator DX dance contests. Also active as a dancer at theme parks.
Tatsuya Terai
Tatsuya Terai Born in 1996 in Kyoto. Studied acting, dance, song, and other fundamentals of musical theater in elementary school. Joined the STAR☆JACKS company in 2017 after working as a freelance performer in the Kansai region. Presently active across stage and film.
Ken Nakamura
Ken Nakamura Born in 1993 in Osaka. Major works include the stage show Lady no Osaho, the musical Sauce!, and Time Traveler(Musical-za), among others. He has also appeared in various commercials and other advertisements, and is active as a model.
Masamitsu Negoro
Masamitsu Negoro Born in 1992 in Kyoto. Major works include a special staging of Romeo and Juliet in Naniwa starring Yoshimi Tendo,Togitatsu no Utare with the Kotobuki Hatsuharu Okabuki theater, and the television series Beppinsan, and commercial for Mandom Corporation. Main skills are dance and combat performance.
Kazuki Matsudaira
Kazuki Matsudaira Born in 1998 in Tokyo. Joined the Theatre Academy at the age of five. Successfully auditioned for a role with the company five months later, and began learning ballet, hip hop, and other dance styles. Presently performing on stage and at dance events.
Yuka Ryono
Yuka Ryono Born in 1988 in Nara. Affiliated with the Himawari theater company. Studying acting, dance, action performance, and combat. Keren is Yuka’s first stage role outside of Himawari.
Massu He is a dance entertainer and was born Nov. 18th 1998. He inputs elements other than dance to create his own style of performance. He has also performed abroad. Recently he is trying to express Japanese culture to outside of Japan through his dancing.
Makotty Born in 1991 in Tokyo. He studied dancing from childhood. Previously danced at a major theme park in Tokyo and worked as MC, dancer and actor at theme park in Osaka. Also he has experience as a backup dancer of KAT-TUN and NEWS and as a MC of “Outbreak of Pikachu”.
Itsumi He appeared on various kinds of media like TV, stage and movie as dancer, actor and model. Major works include musical "Black Butler", Yashima Beauty Salon, SHINee, Siritsu Ebisu Chugaku and No3b as backup dancer and music videos. Also he choreographs and directs many artist’s works. In 2016, he started working internationally in Korea. He is currently also working in Korea.


Kazunobu Achiwa
Kazunobu Achiwa Born in 1986 in Hyogo. Performed in various stage shows and films. Presently studying sword fighting techniques at Kengido.
Shigeki Ichikawa
Shigeki Ichikawa Born in 1980 in Osaka. As a member of Kengishu Kamui, Ichikawa performs as a samurai artist in Japan and overseas. He also teaches at Kengido.
Shinya Saito
Shinya Saito Born in 1987 in Hokkaido. Started a combat-based hero show after graduating high school. Discovered Kengishu Kamui in 2012, and has taken part in their performances in Japan and overseas. While studying at Kengido, Saitou is also active as a stage instructor, model, and costume actor.
Yu sato
Yu sato Born in 1979. Started sword fighting in college, and pursued performing arts after graduating. Became a member of Kengishu Kamui in 2012.
Junki Segawa
Junki Segawa Born in 1987 in Gunma. Graduated from Tokyo Announce Gakuin Performing Arts College. Presently active on stage, while studying at Kengido.
Akiharu Tanaka
Akiharu Tanaka Born in 1975 in Fukuoka. Has been involved with Kengishu Kamui since its inception, and became an official member in 2001. Worked as a sword fighting choreographer for the entertainment group Chikyu Gorgeous, working on Volume 7: Claudia and Volume 10: Hoshino Daichi ni Furu Namida.
Hironori Yoshioka
Hironori Yoshioka Born in 1979 in Kanagawa. Entered the theater world after graduating high school. Primarily works on small stages and at events. Began studying under Kengishu Kamui after discovering the group in 2006.Presently studying at Kengido.